Wednesday, 6 February 2013

How I know I am rubbish at fashion...

Looking at these photos I can see that everything about this outfit is wrong. On paper it should have worked,  Valentino suede trousers (TK Maxx), Ralph Lauren coat (TK Maxx), a touch of cashmere (Uniglo)and 'Chanel' style boots (Calvin Klein). All in my favourite neutrals grey and olive and yet.... trousers are may be a touch too big and I STILL have a camel toe, jumper pure Grange Hill and the coat says panto audition for principal boy here I come.
I actually went out wearing this, I was meeting one of my Bootcamp ladies for coffee at a very chichi garden centre near Windsor, I thought this might be green chic but it is an eco disaster.
May be this blogging malarky will be quite useful, even if it is simply to work out what NOT to wear.
On the upside, fake tan looks pretty good.... more on that later!
Do you spend time 'putting' things together or if you are dressed does it just have to do?


  1. Even from TK Maxx this must have been expensive and you would have done better if you had spent the money at Top Shop with some advice. I don't want to be horrible but it doesn't look great.

    1. Ha you are so right and I do prefer constructive criticism, can't strand those 'Great outfit now follow me' type comments.


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