Saturday, 23 March 2013

Roger Vivier...

A pair of RV buckle shoes is like a Rolex Submariner or a classic Burberry trench, they will never date or go out of fashion as he reworks the same styles every year. For those who are really 'in the know' they will appreciate that the wearer has parted with over 400 smackers for the perfectly proportioned paired back pump and over 600 for the boots, but without the flashy 'look at me' red of Christian Louboutin, or the verging on streetwalker style of Jimmy Choo.
After my panto dressing episode, I have to be careful with this whole buckle shoe style for fear of looking a little too much like I may be participating in a 'classical re-enactment' of some kind or another.
However, I do love the RV interiors and would move into any of them as my Parisian pied a terre in a second!

If I had money to burn, the suede flats would be my RV of choice in black or tan.

This is the higher version. There are a suspicious amount available on Ebay, so I guess this is the favourite style for the Chinese copy-ists..

These are the wearable boots, they would last forever but were about £725 in Harrods!

 I bought these from the Blue Cross animal charity shop for £9.99, they are Russell and Bromley, but they fulfill my RV fantasy!


  1. Great look alikes! I've got them in the tan suede, I've worn them once as I'm always fretting about getting them wet, this spring/summer I'm wearing all the stuff I've been keeping for good, my cupboards are better dressed than I am.
    Oh read your last post, must find someine who is going to China, your chum must have felt so so sick.

    1. Save them! It's not worth it, but in this weather there is no point in beautiful shoes with 25 layers on top. I think we are in the ice age and need to all find a shoe box in the south of France!

  2. nice pics. i love roger vivier shoes so much. thanks for sharing.

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