Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Cricket and clothes

Last week I went to watch my youngest play cricket at a school in Berkshire, the sun was shining, and the school was beautiful (with a fantastic tea) Victoria sponge with proper cream filling, if the Four Seasons did schools, this would be it. And to make matters even better, they had a charity fashion sale.
I bought quite a lot of stuff, mainly Blumarine, Mona Lisa and Simonetta clothes for my nieces (have you seen the prices of them in Harrods?) I always wonder who would spend £60 on a child's t shirt or £300 for a party dress. I managed to find two year's worth of wardrobe (for two of them)  for about £200 for everything.
I bought the Monsoon cardigan for £5, it is a kid's one, and probably not meant to be worn like this, but I like the shape and it is perfect for the Summer just to throw on top of anything to keep the cold out.
I also got this (£25) Zara biker jacket, this leather is so soft you could spread it on toast, but I just can't do this look, it makes me look really butch and like a motorbike courier.
I also found this (£8)jigsaw T shirt which is very me, I like the detail, and it goes with jeans, shorts, day, night etc etc.
They had Clarins doing mini manicures and facials and wine! The other ladies were so friendly, lots of chatting in the changing room, help on and off with clothes and opinions volunteered about outfits, no one knew each other, but in that environment it just came naturally to talk. I wonder why shopping has become so solitary and if someone talks it is almost intrusive, if shops were more like this evening, I might visit them more.


  1. You found some lovely pieces there....what a fab day out:)

    1. The lady in green in one of the pics above came to the Spirit of Summer today ( in same outfit) it is such a unique colour I knew her immediately, talk about small world!

  2. That sounds like the perfect English afternoon, I used to love when cricket returned to the school's playing fields' , boys in their whites is the first sign of summer.

    1. There is something so timeless and comforting about whites, I can't stand all the colours that they wear on tv now, it's just not cricket!

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  6. oh wow - I want to go to a school like that - what a fab bargain shopping trip as well as watching your son play cricket!

    I didn't realise you were a Berkshire girl - so am I!

  7. I'm in love with that Zara jacket!!!


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