Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Bootcamp to St Tropez

We were so lucky with the weather in the run up to our annual South of France pilgrimage. I had been running a boot camp weekend, all the ladies were making a last ditch attempt to get bikini ready, myself included. The pic below is after sweating for three days in British sun. I am trying to travel light and so am wearing the wedges which were my bulkiest item.  The dress is from River Island, we had a midday flight and I can honestly say that this is the only time that I can ever remember being dressed in hot weather clothes as I am leaving the UK.
My trunk was an extravagant purchase direct from the factory ( ie no returns) a few months back, this is the first time that it has been properly tested, being packed to bursting and handled by an airline. It passed with flying colours!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Holiday packing....

We've just got our guest annex back, friends have left after a 6 month stay. Whilst waiting for the ultimate closet to be completed, I have started to search through boxes, hunting for suitable attire for the impending South of France pilgrimage. Gone are the days when I can throw on a Cavalli mini and wedges an head into lunch. Age seems to require thought and planning. I am taking 10 dressy 'lunch' outfits and 4 running into town for market shopping and breakfast dresses.  Lunch is the biggie, we have friends or business friends every day and everyone knows where the 'right' tables in the restaurant are. One sartorial slip and we could be relegated to 'the trees' so the pressure is on.  Patrice, the owner of our lunch spot, likes to see effort, he is pretty forgiving about age and looks. The beautiful 17 year old in a bikini will most certainly be tree bound, where as the chic 60 year old in Dior will be seated at a table near to Elton John or Puff Daddy.
So here are the options.....
Again I can't see what I am writing or pics as using a crappy tablet, so it is all a bit random!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A rose for a rose

The roses needed a little tidying and I had help with the dead heading today.  Bert was jealous of Miss B getting her picture taken and dragged his bone in front of the camera to prove whatever she could do, he could do better.