Monday, 2 November 2015

Life update....

Things have been pretty busy at the Find HQ.

Over the Summer we have launched the exercise and meal plan program. 

We have started fashion and fitness events around Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds.

We are in partnership with, who sold all of their online business interests to Net A Porter, but now produce their own line.

We found a local cosmetics manufacturer to work on some organic candles and beauty products (so pure that you could eat any of them).

We also now have a local small holding to produce all of our vegetables and herbs for our menus.

So not much time for blogging (although we update quite regularly on Instagram if you are interested in keeping up with what we are up to.

I will try to keep the posts coming, as they serve to fix things in my memory in a way that Instagram doesn't quite do.  I have found out some old pictures of my chestnut (nearly black) haired magazine days.  I'll do a run down of Soho Farmhouse, the new must-visit spot in the Cotswolds and a review of KX in Knightsbridge which I joined in the Summer in a last ditch St Tropez bikini drive.  There will also be less glamorous posts about digging on the terrible soil at the small holding (not the best investment). And various of the other 'crazy ideas' that the long-suffering husband puts up with.


  1. So busy! But busy is good. I'd love a small holding but there are none near me that's realistic enough for me to get. I'm thinking of working out again. Wish me luck! Good luck on all your projects x

  2. ha! i was quite romantic about the small holding and have spent the summer in manure trying to get something to grow in the crappy soil!!

  3. Sounds like a busy time for you with lots of irons in the fire. I love keeping up with you on Instagram. I'd love to go on one of your retreats when in the UK some day. My gym is very dull in comparison!

  4. Just watched you on you tube. You come across as a natural and friendly person. Well done. Look forward to more. Have you thought of doing more live stories on Instagram? That can be helpful and maybe put a link to your blog on Instagram too. Just a thought x


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